quinta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2012

A SLC estabelece parceria com a Portugal Surf Houses


The website is ONLINE - www.portugalsurfhouses.com

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1) http://portugalsurfhouses.com/psh/peste-surf-camp/
SLC Surfcamp/accomodation Pestesurfcamp is located in Miramar Beach, 15 km south of Oporto and 5 minutes walk to the beach
2) http://portugalsurfhouses.com/psh/maceda-surf-camp/
SLC Surfcamp/accomodation Maceda Surf house & Surfcamp is located in Maceda, 15 km south of Oporto

Missão: Dar a conhecer todas as SurfHouses, GuestHouses e SurfCamps do País.

The Surf Portugal Houses (PSH) is an innovative project that want to add in a single portal all offer information about SurfHouses, guesthouses and SurfCamps, in order to enhance and streamline the occupation of the same.